2024 Aspiring CXOs Award for AI & ML Advancement - Innspark

Innspark wins AI and ML Advancement Award at Aspiring CXO Awards 2024 – Bangalore

About the Event

The event, aspiring CXO award 2024 hosted by CXO junction, was held on 9th February in Bangalore. The main objective of the event is to recognize and bring out exceptional talents in cybersecurity. The event provided an effective platform for our attendees to share their perspectives regarding the evolving landscape of cybersecurity as well as to obtain valuable insights from business masters and security leaders.


“This recognition is dedicated to the timeless efforts of our researchers and developers, who remain the backbone of our journey towards securing the most challenging infrastructures of the nation”

AI and ML Advancement Award

AI and ML Advancement Award

The future lies in AI, ML, and generative AI. Innspark’s vision is not just limited to tomorrow. It’s way beyond. As a deeptech organisation, Innspark leverages AI and ML to solve intricate problems in various domains including healthcare, power, manufacturing, banking and other sensitive sectors, through dedicated tools and solutions. Our commitment to deep research on advanced analytics brought compelling results. As problem solvers, we always aim to improve the efficiency of organisational processes through intuitive tools with advanced capabilities. Cybersecurity solutions form one of the most significant tools. With the solid support of advanced AI and ML methodologies, our cyber security solutions like UEBA and NDR can comprehensively analyse the behaviours of entities in an organisation’s network to uncover complex and hidden menaces instantly. This provides effective insights for organisations to secure their data and develop faster remedial actions. This offers them assured data security and the confidence to leave process disruption behind.

AI and ML Advancement Award<br />


About Innspark

Innspark is a fast-growing deep-tech enterprise that provides cutting-edge cyber security & technology solutions. Our data security solutions provide extensive visibility, broad threat information, and other advanced capabilities to support any enterprise’s defensive tactics.

Our prowess in Research and Development, advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Threat Hunting, and Big Data management of extremely critical as well as challenging infrastructures provides you with more than just an affirmation of assurance.

In conclusion, the award underlines the significance of a cohesive security platform in today’s digital landscape, as well as the necessity for organisations to take a proactive approach to improve their cyber resilience.

We feel humbled and delighted to receive this award, while also recognising the contribution of our clients and partners who have stood by us during our journey.

This encourages us to work harder as we aspire for excellence with your help and support.

Thank you
Team Innspark