The Best Unified Security Platform of the Year 2023 for Enterprise

Innspark’s Big Data Security Analytics Platform was selected as the winner for the award category “Best Unified Security Platform of the Year 2023 Award” at the 7th Edition CISO Conclave & Awards 2023, hosted by UBS Forums Pvt. Ltd.

About the Event 

The 7th Edition CISO Conclave provided an encouraging atmosphere for security professionals and solution providers, including OEMs, to establish more productive, technological and business relationships. They accomplish this by allowing each solution provider to demonstrate capabilities such as real-time visibility, solution agility, cost optimisation, scalability, and digital resilience potentials, which are very important in today’s hybrid work culture. The primary focus is to ease CISO’s job and secure various enterprises and domains in these highly evolving threats.

By establishing such an effective estrade, the conference empowered security leaders and professionals by introducing them to a realm of highly capable technologies.

Innspark unified security platform of the year - Team innspark interacting with the 7th Edition CISO Conclave visitors

” This prestigious award truly recognises the persistent commitment of dedicated technologists in the development of the sophisticated unified security architecture “

The essential elements examined for recognition were the main characteristics of Big Data Security Analytics Platform, such as the consolidated architecture, out-of-the-box performance, broader threat insights, enhanced zero trust potentials, real-time comprehensive visibility, seamless cloud, on-premise, as well as hybrid cloud deployment capabilities.

Innspark’s Unified Platform. A Sneak Peak at the Core Competencies

In this rapidly advancing digital ecosystem, we firmly believe that three critical pillars are required for any organisation to strengthen its cyber defence capabilities: comprehensive visibility, sophisticated intelligence to detect evolving threats, and advanced capabilities to thwart their further spread. By combining our SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, NDR, and Threat Intelligence into a cohesive architecture, Innspark’s Big Data Security Analytics platform reinforces these pillars.

Furthermore, the platform has a significant influence on the humanitarian phases, as it improves the potential, productivity, and attack insights of security analysts and other team members.

Innspark: The Spirit of Assurance

Innspark is a fast-growing deep-tech enterprise that provides cutting-edge cyber security & technology solutions. Our data security solutions provide extensive visibility, broad threat information, and other advanced capabilities to support any enterprise’s defensive tactics.

Our prowess in Research and Development, advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Threat Hunting, and Big Data management of extremely critical as well as challenging infrastructures provides you with more than just an affirmation of assurance.

In conclusion, the award underlines the significance of a cohesive security platform in today’s digital landscape, as well as the necessity for organisations to take a proactive approach to improve their cyber resilience.

We feel humbled and delighted to receive this award, while also recognising the contribution of our clients and partners who have stood by us during our journey.

This encourages us to work harder as we aspire for excellence with your help and support. 

Thank you
Team Innspark