Innspark | Flowgen - Real-time insights into network traffic

Innspark Flowgen

High-performance probe that provides visibility and analysis of network traffic using NetFlow and IPFIX protocols, enabling network security and optimization

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Network traffic flows in real-time, allowing network administrators to quickly identify issues and optimize network performance, improving and strengthen your network security through accurate and detailed monitoring of network traffic


Prioritizes ease-of-use, enabling network administrators to effortlessly monitor and analyze network traffic without the necessity for intricate configurations


Maximize network performance by providing insights into network traffic, identifying issues, and improving network efficiency

Real-time network visibility

Real-time insights into network traffic, allowing for quick detection and response to potential threats

Support for IPFIX and NetFlow

Compatible with industry-standard protocols IPFIX and NetFlow, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Scalable solution

Designed to handle large volumes of network traffic and can be easily scaled to accommodate growing networks.

Customizable dashboard

Customizable dashboard for easy visualization and analysis of network traffic data, allowing for faster decision-making.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting capabilities, including traffic analysis, trend analysis, and threat detection, allowing for proactive network management.

Easy deployment

Quick deployment and easily with minimal disruption to network operations, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.


Packet capture and analysis for real-time monitoring of network traffic

Deep packet inspection and analysis to identify potential security threats

Visualization of network traffic patterns for quick identification of anomalies

Integration with SIEM and other security tools for a comprehensive security posture

Key Benefits


Identify potential security threats such as malware or malicious activity, viruses, cyberattacks and provide insights into the source and scope of the threat, allowing security teams to quickly & effectively detect and respond to security threats through better visibility.


Helps in identifying bottlenecks and other issues that may be impacting network performance. This information can be used to optimize network configurations and improve overall network performance.


Simplifies troubleshooting by providing detailed flow data that can be used to quickly identify the root cause of issues. This can help to reduce downtime and improve overall network availability.


Innspark FlowGen’s flexible reporting options and advanced filtering capabilities enable users to collect only the data they need, reducing the amount of storage and processing power required. This can help organizations save money on hardware and storage costs, while still providing valuable network visibility.


FlowGen’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for IT teams to set up and configure the system, monitor network traffic, and generate reports. This reduces the amount of training required and improves overall productivity.


The solution provides detailed information about network bandwidth usage, enabling administrators to optimize network performance and allocate resources more effectively


Application performance analysis: With L7 visibility, Innspark FlowGen can monitor and analyze the performance of individual applications, allowing administrators to identify and troubleshoot issues that may be impacting application performance.


Network optimization: By monitoring and analyzing network traffic patterns and performance, Innspark FlowGen can help network administrators identify areas where network optimization is required, such as bandwidth allocation, network configuration, and application performance.

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