Innspark NDR - Network Detection and Response, Deeper Visibility
Real-time awareness and visibility over network traffic
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Native Layer 7 Metadata Analysis

Provides application-wise traffic categorization
and deeper insights into the network.

Faster Forensics

Innspark NDR platform is built on Web-scale Big Data based architecture which retrieves required network forensics data with sub-seconds.

Deeper Insights

Provides unparalleled visibility into
organization traffic by native application

Integrated Enrichment

Native integration with curated Innspark Intelligence sources such as PDNS
Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence, WHOIS
Intelligence, and Autonomous System Number
(ASN) Intelligence automatically enrich all the

Anonymous Traffic Identification

Identifies the anonymous traffic through VPN,
TOR, SOCKS Proxies, and HTTP Proxies and
classifies them to provide increased visibility
and context awareness for the analysts.

DDOS Detection & Response

Innspark NDR will Detect various types of DDOS attacks such as SYN flood attacks, DNS amplification attack, NTP amplification attacks, Memcached amplification, and more.

Real-time Traffic monitoring and statistics dashboards and visualizations for ease of operations

Dedicated Application Bandwidth Dashboards for each of the profiled applications


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