Innspark SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)


Powered by Innspark’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), with Threat Intelligence engines for Improved Threat Detection and Response
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Collect and process raw logs in real-time from any IP Device like : Networking devices, Security devices, Operating systems, Virtualization platforms, Mainframes, Databases, Storage Systems, Hypervisors, Unsupported legacy systems


Correlation rules with high visibilty and centralized correlation engine : Out of the box rules, consolidate and handle high EPS, minimize false positives, Analysis rules mapped, Incident correlation rules, Custom build rules

Throwing alerts by collecting logs and events data, parsing & storing it the same format useful for analysis so the information collected can be correlated

Helping Operations

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a specialized team of cybersecurity professionals tasked with monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture while reporting on potential or actual breaches. This team is responsible for conducting real-time scanning of all systems, and is the first line of defense in protecting the organization’s infrastructure from potential cyber threats. The SOC works around the clock to ensure that the security of the organization is maintained and any potential threats are promptly detected and addressed.

For SOC and Security Analysts

  • The Innspark SIEM solutions offer structured processes and pre-designed materials that help Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and analysts to streamline their daily procedures effectively.
  • The solutions prioritize different types of threats to achieve positive TDIR results and ensure ease of use. Innspark’s comprehensive control panel enables SOCs to carry out TDIR operations from start to finish.
  • Additionally, the automation of manual tasks, such as threat detection, investigation, and response, helps to increase productivity significantly.

Gather, Stock, and Search Data

  • Data is spread out throughout an IT infrastructure, from endpoints to the cloud. Innspark SIEM offers a complete view of this infrastructure, with a centralized storage system that can handle a large volume of data, including SAN and NAS.
  • The system also provides fast and intelligent search capabilities and can store both raw and enriched data at a centralized location.
  • Innspark SIEM is scalable and can easily meet additional log storage needs, extended storage time or processing power requirements.
  • The system can collect logs from a range of sources, including standard platform OS, firewalls, network and security devices, applications, web servers, and cloud services.

Flexible Integration to Augment your Security Stack

  • Innspark SIEM integrates seamlessly with key technologies such as endpoint, network, and cloud services through pre-build integrations to enhance the existing security infrastructure with TDIR.
  • These integrations support the TDIR lifecycle by automating the detection and response process through structured and unstructured data ingestion and normalization.
  • The system also includes built-in capabilities to integrate with any application through APIs. All of these features are securely unified into a single control panel for the SOC.
  • Innspark SIEM can normalize both raw data from online sources and archived data stores.

Innspark Capabilities

Innspark Visibility

Innspark SIEM correlates data across an organization’s entire attack surface, including user-level data, network data, endpoint data, firewall logs, and antivirus alerts. The system can ingest large amounts of data from both on-premise and cloud environments and apply real-time analytics to prioritize alerts. If necessary, the system can escalate alerts to orchestration and automation tools. Innspark SIEM supports events collection via both inbuilt and custom connectors and integrations. It also provides real-time stream analytics on structured and semi-structured data.

Innspark Scalability

Innspark SIEM offers highly scalable centralized storage and fast intelligent search capabilities for comprehensive visibility across the entire IT infrastructure. The system’s sizing is based on both sustained and peak EPS/data collected and log retention periods. Log retention periods can be easily automated and edited to suit organizational needs.

Log Collection and Storage

Innspark SIEM ensures the secure collection and forwarding of logs from various devices and applications to a centralized log storage system. The logs are time-stamped and transmitted via an encrypted channel to maintain integrity and availability. The system can collect events over TCP/UDP in formats such as syslog, OPSEC, WMI, SDEE, ODBC, JDBC, FTP, SCP, HTTP, text file, CSV, XML file, and any other formats that may be added in the future. Additionally, Innspark SIEM can collect alerts and events from tools such as DAM.

Innspark Network Monitoring

Innspark SIEM continuously monitors and tracks the IT infrastructure in real-time to identify anomalous behavior, unusual events, and trends. The system measures the associated risk and raises tickets to notify the support team.

Proactive Threat Hunting based on MITRE ATT&CK & Cyber Kill Chain integration


Innspark SIEM provides robust forensic investigation capabilities for any security incidents that occur. The system can effectively collect and analyze log data from all sources in one place, allowing organizations to reconstruct previous incidents or investigate new ones and identify suspicious activity. This can help fine-tune and enhance security processes. Additionally, Innspark SIEM is integrated with an incident management system.

Security Intelligence Updates

Innspark has a dedicated threat intel team that monitors threats 24×7. The company has deployed honey pods both in and outside India to enhance threat visibility. Additionally, Innspark has visibility into TOR communications worldwide. The system can integrate with regional and vendor threat intel feeds for seamless real-time enrichment during ingestion. The company collects feeds from around the world and 3rd party sources, which are filtered and forwarded to internal security solutions, and can be integrated via API. Access to Innspark’s threat intel platform is available.

Knowledgebase and Best Practices

Innspark periodically updates its knowledge base on all attacks and related incidents, as well as security vulnerabilities and threats identified by the global community. The company also notifies users of product updates, fixes, and patch releases, which are easily accessible.

Compliance and Reports

Innspark’s automated data collection & analysis tool reduces the workload of security analysts by validating compliance data across the infrastructure. The tool detects potential violations, generates real-time and automated reports with pre-built and customized add-ons to meet specific compliance requirements. The platform utilizes machine learning to improve accuracy and reduce noise in detecting critical security events. Archived logs are automatically retrieved for analysis, correlation, and reporting. The centralized web interface supports up to 100 concurrent sessions/users and can mount remote file systems.

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